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Friends, welcome to our website. We are here to give you all kinds of updates of new movies and web series or Bollywood or Hollywood. Along with this, the country also gives you information about the ongoing movement and news in the world. There are many websites on the internet that do the same thing, but not in Hindi language. That’s why we will give you all the latest news in Hindi language or updates of movies, you will get everything here.

We thoroughly research the information given by us or on HaraamKhor, only then bring it to your service, so the information given on HaraamKhor will be correct. The smallest and biggest information, whether it is any news or any fact or update related to the upcoming movies or films of an actor, we will try to give you the first information.

The purpose of keeping our service in Hindi is that this will promote our mother tongue and people will be able to feel their belonging. We have kept our website HaraamKhor very simple. The design and layout of our website is also simple, and we have kept the information given in Hindi so that everyone can understand easily.

If you like the world of entertainment, which includes movies, web series, and similar information, then you will love our website and work.

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Hello friends, my name is Shivam GurjAr. And I have prepared the HaraamKhor platform so that through this I can give good, correct, and your favorite information to you people. I have loved watching movies since childhood. Because of this, I decided to bring information about films, web series, and other special news to the people. And HaraamKhor started.

Friends, you must be finding the name of my website a little strange. So friends, there is a secret hidden behind this name too. And if I get a chance to tell this secret someday, I will definitely tell. So, Stay tuned with me!

If you have any thoughts, questions, or suggestions, I would love to hear from you. You can contact me through the mail given below.

Website: https://en.haraamkhor.in

Business Email: admin@haraamkhor.in

Author Email: im.shivam.gurjar@gmail.com

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