Top 10 Indian Crime Thriller Web Series On Prime Video, Netflix, Disney Plus, & VOOT

Since the craze of Web Series has increased in Hollywood, people have started liking films less and web series more. And the Indian Crime Thriller Web Series is also no less than any Hollywood Web Series.

Top 10 Best Indian Crime Thriller Web Series So Far

So today, we will tell you the top 10 Indian Crime Thriller Web Series, which can be seen on Prime Video, Netflix, Disney Plus Hotstar, Voot, and other OTT platforms. So let’s know the list of Indian Web Series.

1. Jamtara – Sabka Number Ayega On Netflix

Jamtara’s narrative is one of youth and young offenders. They were talking like a female on the phone, asking for people’s Credit or Debit Card details, CVV numbers, and an OTP on mobile.

Jamtara youngsters robbed scores of individuals from around the country two or three years ago. In the year 2020, everyone will hear this story. Everybody here knows that no matter what, never provide your CVV or OTP to anyone else on the phone. In this sense, this web series has become out of date.

2. The Great Indian Murder On Disney Plus Hotstar

First, let’s go over the plot of the Web Series. The lead character is Vikram Roy, aka Vicky Roy (Jatin Goswami), the son of Chhattisgarh’s Home Minister, who is fascinated with power and wealth to the point where he raped his 13-year-old half-sister.

He kicks a heroine in front of everyone. He throws a big party in his farmhouse to celebrate going to jail after Father Jagannath Rai (Ashutosh Rana), the Home Minister, was not a fan of milk. However, Vicky Roy is killed during the same country home gathering.

3. Criminal Justice On Disney Plus Hotstar

Murder occurs. The body has been discovered. The money of the kid artist is used to cover the expenditures of the residence in the first episode. So, after the crime, he has no money, and Madhav Mishra bears the weight of the matter on his brow. However, in the third episode, the mother urges her not to think about money.

If money is so essential, why is Madhav Mishra a lawyer? Madhav Mishra is dealing with his issues. His wife must create a beauty salon in their house. There’s an older youngster who appears to be a supporter of a child actor. In the middle of all of this, it is unclear when Pankaj Tripathi and Madhav Mishra will appear on television. The media frenzy begins, and the police inquiry is told rather than shown.

4. Paatal Lok On Prime Video

The “Paatal Lok” Web Series follows Hathiram Chaudhary, a policeman (Jaideep Ahlawat). Hathi Ram is assigned to the Jamunanagar police station located in New Delhi. Hathiram thinks that the universe is divided into three worlds. Heaven is where wealthy people reside, Earth is where they live, and Hades is where they are imprisoned.

Four criminals have been detained in a particular operation by Delhi Police on suspicion of plotting to assassinate business tycoon Sanjeev Mehra (Neeraj Kabi). Hathiram Chaudhary has been assigned this case. Hathiram will be seen dealing with this critical issue. Hathi Ram has several duties on his head, among which is to prove to the police department via his job that he is a potential police officer, and the other is to convince his family that he is a hero.

5. Breathe On Prime Video

The Web Series “Breathe” portrays the story of a parent whose son suffers from a lung illness. Danny, whose son Josh cannot attend a school or play out with his peers. Danny’s wife died many years ago, so he now lives in a little house with his kid and mother.

Danny used to be a football player and currently operates a football academy. Josh’s health suddenly worsens, and he is sent to the hospital, where it is discovered that he has just 5 or 6 months remaining. The only chance to save Josh is to have his lungs transplant, but he is currently number five on the waitlist.

6. Illegal – Justice, Out of Order On VOOT

Janardan Jaitley (Piyush Mishra), the country’s top lawyer, consistently wins strong cases. His reputation and esteem among attorneys are legendary. He also runs a large firm where many skilled attorneys work and battle lawsuits. On the contrary, Niharika Singh (Neha Sharma) aspires to be a lawyer, and the entire media refers to her as The Mad Lawyer.

You’ll understand why he’s dubbed Mad Liar after viewing the series. Niharika has now been offered a position with Janardan Jaitley’s business. There, he is handed the case of Mehr Salaam, a killer.

7. Asur: Welcome to Your Dark Side On VOOT

This narrative follows forensic specialist Nikhil (Barun Sobti), CBI officer Dhananjay Rajput (Arshad Warsi), and an individual who identifies as an Asur. In this series, Asur is a person who has the natural ability to learn and recall everything in a matter of seconds.

At the same time, Nikhil and Arshad are separated by their professions. Nusrat (Ridhi Dogra) plays a forensic scientist in the series. “Asur,” is linked to Nikhil and Dhananjay owing to certain prior events. Attempts to reach them. At the same time, he regards Nikhil as a buddy and Dhananjay as his adversary.

8. Delhi Crime On Netflix

After nearly three and a half years, the second instalment of this web series was recently published on Netflix. Except for the primary characters, there is no connection between the first and second halves. The storyline is distinct, as is the tale, and it has absolutely nothing to relate to the Nirbhaya case. You’ll be disappointed expecting it to be like the first season.

Season 2 of Delhi Crime is a typical crime story. A new topic is presented to the police in which the “Chaddi Banyan gang” may have been operating in Delhi for 20 years since they plundered the residences of aged and elderly citizens living in Delhi’s wealthy suburbs looted them. The murderer used a hammer to kill elderly persons in one case.

9. Mirzapur On Prime Video

Mirzapur’s carpet trade, gun business, and police politicians are all included in the web series. A fantastic characteristic of the web series is that it does not centre on just one name or character, unlike the big screen. Instead, it allows each character to inhabit their role fully. He makes an appearance in it.

Mirzapur is governed by the empire of prominent carpet trader Akhandanand Tripathi alias Kaleen Bhaiya (Pankaj Tripathi). His son Phoolchand Tripathi, also known as Munna Bhaiya (Divyendu Sharma), is working hard to establish his currency in the city. Ramakant Pandit (Rajesh Tailang), a modest lawyer from this city, performs his sincerity with zeal.

10. Sacred Games On Netflix

Ganesh Gaitonde kicks off the second edition of Netflix’s Sacred Games. Ganesh Gaitonde is stranded amid the ocean, helpless. Then Trivedi appears, and Ganesh Gaitonde understands he has a long way to go. But Ganesh must exact his vengeance on Jesus.

But Ganesh Gaitonde cannot accomplish this task of his own volition. Ganesh Gaitonde has migrated from Bombay to Kenya and is suffering. However, he contacts Sartaj Singh’s father frequently and receives suggestions to locate a guru for himself. In this manner, Guruji appears, and Pankaj Tripathi plays the role of Guruji.

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