Did The Girls Jump Off The Roof Seeing ‘Dev Anand In Black Suit?

Dev Anand was indeed the most prominent actor of his generation. He is not only renowned for his outstanding performance to date, but admirers have also adored his appearance and unique style.

For Dev Anand, one of Bollywood’s most enduring and gorgeous performers, a distinct obsession emerged, particularly among girls. Dev Anand’s birth date is September 26th, and he brings every character alive with his style, beauty, and superb performance. He may not be with us today, but he lives on in the hearts of his followers.

Girls were keen to catch a glance of Dev Anand, and there was a telling moment about him in which he was forbidden from wearing black suits. So, let us go through this fascinating subject in further depth. Also Read: Netflix’s Tudum 2022 Event Upcoming Movies & Web Series List

Real Or Full Name Of Dev Anand

Dev Anand grabbed people’s hearts through each role he played in Hindi film in the 1960s and was born on September 26th, 1923, in Shankargarh, Punjab. Dharamdev Pishorimal Anand was Dev Anand’s actual name, but he became known in Bollywood as Dev Anand or Dev Saheb. In addition, everybody within Dev Anand’s house referred to him as ‘Cheeru.’ For the time being, learn about ‘Dev Anand In Black Suit.’

Dev Anand Was the ‘Fashion Icon Of Bollywood’

Dev Anand Sahab was also labeled the ‘Bollywood Fashion Icon.’ He was also in the spotlight for many distinct looks in his films, and he was pretty popular in his day owing to his unique fashion sense. In 1958, Dev Anand Sahab’s film ‘Kala Pani‘ was released. In this film, he wore a white shirt and a black suit. Which was well-liked, and since then, many individuals have replicated Dev Anand’s dashing style. People still like to wear white shirts and black suits.

Court Banned The Dev Anand In Black Suit

Dev Anand’s black suit style became highly famous. Boys began to imitate him, and girls admired him in this outfit. The girls were believed to be so hooked to Dev Anand in Black Suit that they were ready to leap from the top when they saw him. Also Read: Tushar Kalia Became The Winner Of ‘Khatron Ke Khiladi 12’, Defeated These Contestants

It is unknown how much of this account was true and what percentage was gossip. But the court was forced to interfere due to the gravity of the situation. The court warned Dev Anand not to wear the Black Suit in public and prohibited him from doing so. Since the court interfered in such a case, there must have been some truth to it.

Dev Anand Last Movie

It marked the first instance in Bollywood that a court intervened and prohibited a cinema actor’s attire. Even now, there is no shortage of Dev Anand admirers. Millions of people worship him. Dev Anand worked in the film industry from 1946 to 2011, and when he was 88, he embarked on his final film, ‘Charge Sheet.’ On December 4th, 2011, this legendary Hindi film actor passed away in London.

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