‘Chup: Revenge Of The Artist’ Movie Review, Watch It Or Not?

Movie directors and film reviewers are two such enthusiasts of cinematic magic who share an interest in cinema but have opposing viewpoints about it. Director R Balki’s film ‘Chup: Revenge of the Artist‘ is centered on this schism and features Cheeni Kum, Paa, English Vinglish, Pad Man, Mission Mangal, and other characters.

The original story’s backdrop portrays the shadows of Guru Dutt’s iconic film Kaagaz Ke Phool from start to end, making it Balki’s dedication to cinema’s great filmmaker Guru Dutt.

Furthermore, the participation of Guru Dutt’s favourite actress Waheeda Rehman, as well as the movie’s complete crew and other celebrities, at the media screening, this time solidifies the homage.

Story Of ‘Chup: Revenge Of The Artist’

The plot revolves around revenge, as the title indicates. In the opening scene depicted in the film, a cinema reviewer is brutally killed. However, when the horrible process of murdering critics begins, there is an environment of panic in the media, the police, and the general public.

One thing is clear: a psychopath is responsible for these heinous killings that have not gone over well with reviewers who have seen these flicks. Arvind Mathur (Sunny Deol) and his team’s needle of scepticism is stopped by all those persons who have been influenced in some manner by the film’s criticism.

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He may now be a melancholy filmmaker, an angry actor, or an obsessed cinema fan. These killings also follow a specific pattern. From the beginning of the movie, the inquiry into these killings, as well as the sweet memories and love journey of Phool Wale Danny (Dulquer Salman) and cinema journalist Neela (Shreya Dhanwanthary), run concurrently.

Arvind Mathur enlists the aid of his buddy and criminal psychologist Zenobia (Pooja Bhatt) to track down the mutilated bodies of the critics, and you’ll have to see the film to find out how the entire team captures the killer.

Chup: Revenge Of The Artist Movie Review

In the first moment in cinema’s century-long history, film reviewers are at the center of the narrative. An obsessive guy goes out to quiet film reviewers, believing his reviews may influence a filmmaker’s decision. Although they attempt to explain it using personalities, R Balki’s film also pokes fun at the rating system. The picture’s first half is excellent, but the tale falters in the second half.

The major draw of dramatic tension films is apprehension, which filmmaker Balki is eager to disclose. On the other hand, the love narrative between Dulquer Salmaan and Shreya Dhanwantri seems to be the film’s most vital point. Both characters have unique characterizations. The filmmaker filmed songs like Guru Dutt’s Kaagaz Ke Phool Ke Jaane Ke Tune Kahi and Yeh Duniya Agar Mil Jaaye To Kya Hai with a beautiful and moving approach. The music of Amit Trivedi is calming to the ears.

Chup: Revenge Of The Artist Movie Cinematography

The cinematography is an intriguing feature of the picture. Vishal Sinha’s lens conjures up images of a downhill cycling ride. The memory and other imagery like similes and metaphors that emerge in various portions of the movie stay. The music in the background is excellent.

Chup: Revenge Of The Artist Cast Acting

When it comes to acting, Dulquer Salmaan is the ace of spades. He has portrayed his role’s dual complexion well. Sunny Deol has made a triumphant return as Police Officer Arvind Mathur. It’s nice to watch Pooja Bhatt as Zenobia.

Shreya Dhanwantri shines in her role’s agility and liveliness, yet her character is underdeveloped. Saranya Ponavanan, who plays a blind mom in the ensemble cast, steals the show. Despite her blindness, this mom does not deserve pity and is exceptionally kind and egoistic. In the cameo, Big B’s distinct flair mesmerizes.

Watch It Or Not?

This film is suitable for fans of suspense-thriller movies and people who wish to appreciate cinema. So, of course, you can watch this movie.

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