“Thank God” Movie Trailer Review: Bollywood Needs Such A Movie – People Said

The trailer for the upcoming film “Thank God,” starring Ajay Devgn and Siddharth Malhotra, has been released. The picture has a lot of comedy, drama, and action. In this film, directed by Inder Kumar, Ajay plays Lord Chitragupta. The latter is seen injecting a touch of humour into the action. The film depicts Yamalok’s narrative, and it is entertaining to see what happens to the man after death.

Rakul Preet Singh, who plays a police officer, also appears in the film. The film “Thank God” will be released in theatres on October 25th this year on Diwali. The trailer for the film went popular on social media as soon as it was published. It has received a lot of positive feedback. People claim that Bollywood requires films like this.

“Thank God” Movie Story Explained

Everything folks have been waiting to see displayed in the 3-minute, 6-second trailer. There is great humour, passion, drama, and action. The story goes that Siddharth Malhotra, a married man with a daughter, dies in a road accident and ends up in Yamlok.

Ajay Devgan, who has assumed the identity of Chitragupta, greets him and begins playing pranks with him. The “Thank God” movie is when the humour and emotion game begins. People on Social media have been buzzing since the trailer’s release. People are still praising it.

People Reaction on “Thank God” Trailer

After viewing the “Thank God” movie trailer, one person stated, “This movie seems to have everything from humour to romance and life lessons. And it will be a tremendous smash.” One person was taken aback and wrote, “This film will likely to be the finest blockbuster.”

One person praised it, saying that the premise is novel and that a blockbuster picture is in the works. One user wrote, “Bollywood requires such films; welcome to Bollywood.” I have no words to describe how wonderful it is. One person stated, “I couldn’t stop giggling after viewing the trailer.” Another user said, “This is the movie I was desired, Bollywood is loaded with blockbusters, Ajay-Sid Rock.”

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