The Top 10 Worst Indian Movies Of 2022 So Far?

Worst Indian Movies: I’ve been through a lot. You have witnessed every moment I questioned my existence and the purpose of talking about movies. I genuinely wish for a great storytelling experience and performance when I step into the theatre. Many times, creators do not deliver the same. Through this article, I want to share some of the most forgettable movies of 2022 so far.

That disappointed fans because there was a minimum expectation from the talent involved in front and behind the camera. There was either recycling dated content or the worst of the lot, which will entail the top three in the list. No thought process went behind creating those movies, and the audience’s intelligence was taken for granted. So, let’s know the “Top 10 Worst Indian Movies of 2022 So Far.”

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#10 Beast On Netflix

A movement that has become consistent in Tamil Cinema is young and innovative creators collaborating with stars with the assumption that the star will assimilate to their unique vision and treatment. Everyone was expecting a hilarious and exhilarating ride with “Beast.” “Vijay” collaborated with “Nelson,” and the expectations were high. Sadly what transpired was an absolute mess of a product that catered to the star power of the main man. But, it had little to do with Nelson’s unique treatment, as he showcased so well in other movies.

Even “Thalapathy Vijay ” fans admitted to the movie being lacklustre. The SunTV bright and saturated sets looked gimmicky and not stylized. The comedy punch lines did not land with talented actors like Yogi Babu and Redden Kingsley. Puja Hegde was used mainly to promote songs, her character lending nothing to the storyline. The antagonist in the movie was forgettable at best. A talent like “Shine Tom Chacko ” was completely wasted. We eventually ended up with a mess of a product with no bearings, making an otherwise exciting collaboration on paper rather embarrassing. I hope this is not the case with “Nelson ” and Rajnikan’s collaboration in the future.

#9 Bachchhan Paandey on Amazon Prime Video

One of the most Inventive, Exciting, and Crazy rides with Tamil cinema was the “Karthik Subaraj” directed movie “Jigarthanda.” A movie so unique in its treatment, so organically funny that you did not want its bastardization. And in came “Bachchhan Paandey,” a concoction of the Tamil original movie and the Telugu remakes visual treatment.

A Movie that unnecessarily integrated romantic subplots that were an absolute mess. It portrays characters taking snakes out of one’s pants to showcase the depth of their romance. And having the ability even to make “Pankaj Tripathi” come across as irritating, a stammering “Sanjay Mishra” being the butt of the joke and dialogues.

This movie was a terrible remake. And it’s shocking because the source material was right there. It’s funny how some trade analysts thought this movie would get mass cinema back for Hindi movies.

#8 Radhe Shyam on Amazon Prime Video

I had my skepticism on full alert when I heard about the movie “Radhe Shyam.” I was shocked at the number of Videos Youtube Creators were making on how “Prabhas” with this movie will change the game. Also, how a movie mounted at a budget of 350 Crores will be revolutionary—spending that much money on the scale when the relationship’s core emotion does not connect with the audience. You realize that the pursuit of Pan-Indian Movies is wrong from the on-set.

The comedic punchlines, especially in the “Hospital,” were uncomfortable. The attempt for abandoned and fantastical elements like “Makoto Shinkai’s world” fell flat. Having the most bizarre conclusion, edited so poorly, jump-cutting conveniently to a happy ending, which made the creators assume that the audience would accept anything.

The movie turned out to be a colossal mess, high on production design and scale but hollow from within regarding emotions, which should be the only prerequisite to making a love story.

#7 Forensic On ZEE5

One of the worst remakes I’ve seen in recent years has to be the Radhika Apte and Vikrant Massey starrer “Forensic.” There is nothing worse than knowing actors’ capabilities and seeing them crash and burn in a product that is so poorly written. It makes you laugh in the most intense sequences. Never have I seen both these actors over-act their way through a movie. And the movie was nothing short of embarrassing.

While the original had the doctor conducting the murders, you have an attractive female psychiatrist played by “Prachi Desai,” who is adopted by a man with cancer. The adopted child, a boy, showcased as Prachi Desai with a beard and a poorly dubbed man voice, is disturbed and has violent tendencies showcased from the first scene.

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When he projects the same and kills a child, he notices that the father’s health improves. This motivation to not see a bond between kids and children is so ludicrous, absurd and hilariously executed. You wondered what they were thinking while constructing such a conclusion. Not to forget, a chase sequence with little people becomes icing on the cake of this absurd crime thriller.

#6 Aaraattu On Amazon Prime Video

As I mentioned in the previous movie, there is nothing more uncomfortable than watching great actors being wasted and forgettable or absurd scripts. And so was the case of seeing the legend “Mohan Lal” in a movie like “Aaraattu.” This movie clearly shows creators not having evolved and feeding the audience the same old tropes we saw in the mid-2000s. “Mohanlal” is an exceptional actor.

He was regarded and celebrated as a complete actor, but to utilize his stardom in a movie with dated concepts. Such as fighting for people, undercover identities, and mass action set pieces of one versus many. I was taken on a time travel machine back in 2005.

Over the top and generic is an understatement. And I finished this movie realizing that I’m not going to remember or even debate a single aspect of its story. It was deservedly trolled by the Malayalam movie audience, also. And I know this is going to be a controversial statement, but don’t you think “Mammootty,” the way he is making creative choices that are relevant today? Working with creators like Deejudo’s pillar series playing characters like the one in Puru, does the audience not deserve to see Mohanlal with similar creators and treatment?

#5 Acharya On Amazon Prime Video

One of the most lacklustre movies from Telugu cinema this year was “Acharya.” With the father-son duo of Ramcharan and Chiranjeevi. It solidified in my mind that no matter how popular the actors may be, a poorly executed movie will not just be lapped up by the audience. You have a temple town, practices of Ayurveda, evil goons, a transformation of vice, and a man who saves them and shows them the light.

The Naxalite duo that joined hands together accounted for such a generic canvas for a mass commercial entertainer. You had an absolutely poor background score, the dated tropes of evil, city folk versus innocent dharmic villagers, and you had speeches and moments of moral policing. While at the same time, the heroes engage in item numbers and do the same and, worst of all, waste the talent involved, making them tropes of stars and not understanding that they are actors first. I hope this is not the fate of Chiranjeevi’s “Godfather.”

#4 Rashtra Kavach OM on ZEE5

When a friend is on the verge of getting a girl that you know has every toxic trait known to mankind and he still takes the plunge, that is what I felt when Aditya Roy Kapoor signed “Rashtra Kavach Om.” I initially thought the man was doing a mass action movie, which is good for him. And the association of Ahmed Khan as a producer did what he does best. Create another offshoot of the “Baaghi” universe, only in this case, which was way worse.

You have hammy performances from legends and comedic dialogues like what the shuck and what the luck. Item songs are how raw agents unbind after missions, and agents shoot themselves, so their comrade feels motivated to save the day. The last draw, probably being Aditya pulling a helicopter with his bare hands, was this adventure so unintentionally funny that it made me physically hurt.

#3 Nikamma On Netflix

Imagine remaking an already mediocre product and making it 10 times worse. It is what I felt about the “Middle Class” remake “Nikamma,” starring Abhimanyu Dasani, Shilpa Shetty, and Shirley Setia. You had Abhimanyu attempting mass cinema after a cool debut delivering threatening dialogues like a poetry recitation competition from school.

And poor Shirley Setia, in a debut which makes her say the most cringe-worthy dialogues, “she’s not an alcoholic or a drug addict, she’s a love addict.” Nothing became more painful than a second half with Abhimanyu shouting “Bhaiya” every minute and a hammy mass performance of Shilpa aimed at her comeback. I don’t know why Sony had so much faith in this product.

#2 Heropanti 2 On Amazon Prime Video

Credit to the producers and makers for delivering what the trailer promised is an absolute cringe movie. There was no saving this movie. One of the worst music albums created by A.R Rahman, making me think he couldn’t care less about the product going out there. Stolen set pieces to the max from “Dark Knight’s Joker,” “the Chessboard and Sorcerer’s stone,” and the hacking sequence from “Swordfish,” there is zero originality in this movie. And nothing but crass moments.

The full form of MCBC is “Mai Chali Bye Cutie.” Touching a girl’s boob and saying, “Yes sir, Bahut Bada Mamla Hai.” It was peak comedy and entertainment in every way—Tara Sutaria’s loud and obnoxious acting taking back women in commercial movies for 10 years. And Tiger’s butt featured more in the frame than his face, accounting for a supporting role that the peaches deserved. It was painful.

#1 The Legend On Disney+ Hotstar

There is no match to The Legend in any way-the style, the quality, the dance moves, the sexual chemistry, everything was perfect in this movie. When the legend Sarvana came in, all his whites. I was transfixed and almost in a daze when “Urvashi Rautela,” the most popular and acclaimed actor in this country, came on screen. She lit it up like superstars have done for so many years. The scientist, martial artist, and casanova had left me speechless with his pickup lines like, “What is Trigonometry?”

His absolute swab nature with the ladies is something I should take pointers from. The flawless skin and perfectly balanced hair were all too good to be true. The man deserves a sequel, a web series, a documentary on how Legend Sarvana’s life progresses after this. He has treated Diabetes in this case, and I’m sure he will cure Cancer and world hunger in the next instalments. I was enlightened after this movie. And will always be eternally grateful for “The Legends” contribution to my life.

So, in the comments below, write down your most painful experiences with movies this year.

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