10 Best Hindi Dubbed Movies On Netflix [UPDATED]

Are you looking for the Top 10 Best Hindi Dubbed Movies on Netflix to Watch? We will count down the Top 10 Most Watched Netflix original movies released in 2022. Netflix had a roller coaster year last year with some great hits and big misses, but we’re only going to be talking about the movies that were the most well-liked and received millions of watch hours in the first month after their release.

#10. Enola Holmes 2

The first film got immensely popular due to its cast and of course, the curiosity of seeing Enola Homes on screen, and it was worth it as we got a kind of perfect origin story for Enola. Just like the first movie, Enola Homes 2 was a great success, garnering 158 million hours of viewing time in its first month.

In the new film, Enola takes the step to launch her own detective business in order to continue solving mysteries and crimes. Unfortunately, she did not receive the positive feedback or cases she had hoped for until a desperate matchstick girl offered her first case to look for her sister who had been abducted.

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#9. Senior Year

Some viewers may not even be aware of this movie, but that didn’t stop it from being one of the most watched movies on Netflix with 167 million hours seen in the first four weeks of release. The story is about Stephanie, the most popular girl in school, the cheerleading team captain, and a strong candidate for prom queen.

But when she fell from the top of the cheerleading pyramid and went into a coma, everything changed. 20 years later, at the age of 37, Stephanie finally emerges from her coma and makes the decision to return to her school and assume the position as the school’s superstar while still determined to compete for the prom queen crown.

#8. The Man From Toronto

It is an action comedy film directed by Patrick Hughes. The movie stars Kevin Hart as Teddy and Woody Harrelson as the man from Toronto. Teddy is a striving fitness enthusiast who happens to be in the wrong place at the wrong time, while the man from Toronto is a famous contract Killer. This is one of the Best Hindi Dubbed Movies on Netflix.

The strange adventure starts when Teddy makes a mistake and goes to the incorrect rental home where a guy is being held prisoner who mistakenly assumes Teddy is the man from Toronto. What follows next is a hilarious action adventure during which Teddy and the actual man from Toronto interact, beginning their destined and hopeless journey together to prevent the bigger conspiracy that might possibly cause another global conflict.

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#7. The Tinder Swindler

It is a true crime documentary film about a con artist who used the dating app Tinder to approach women and persuade them into giving him loans that he would never be able to pay. He used money he obtained from other ladies he had previously scammed to lure new women with extravagant gifts in an effort to gain their trust.

His biggest trick though is to send the same messages and photographs to each woman making it seem as though he is being pursued by his enemies and needs money to escape. While believing what he said, the victims frequently borrowed funds to support him in the meantime. After tricking his latest victim, he uses the money to attract new ones while mailing fake transfers to previous victims claiming to have returned their money.

#6. The Sea Beast

this film is a thrilling animated adventure that takes place in a world where giant sea creatures rule the waves. The main character, Jacob Holland, is a beast hunter who sets out on a quest to find the mysterious Red Bluster creature. Along the way, he meets a young girl named Macy who has a unique connection with the sea monster and joins Jacob on his journey.

With stunning animation and a captivating script, The Sea Beast was able to generate 190 million viewing hours in the first month of its premiere. It is a must-watch for fans of animated films and those who enjoy epic fantasy adventures. This is one of the Best Hindi Dubbed Movies on Netflix.

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#5. Hustle

This is a sports drama film that tells the story of NBA recruiter Stanley and his rough but promising basketball player, Beau Cruz. The two bond over their shared passion for the game and work together to prepare Beau for the NBA. With a heartwarming story of faith and passion for the sport, Hustle is a film that is enjoyed by all ages. The movie attracted a stunning 198 million hours of viewership in its first month of release.

#4. Purple Hearts

This movie emerged out of nowhere and quickly gained popularity after its release. The plot centers on a marine, Luke, and an ambitious musician, Cassie, who decide to wed in order to take advantage of government benefits and pay off their loans. However, their pretended marriage takes a turn when Luke has an accident while on duty and returns home in a wheelchair.

The boundary separating what is genuine and what is fake starts to blur quickly after this tragedy, leading to unplanned drama in their relationship and confusion on both sides about how they really feel about each other. But it must be noted that not everyone will enjoy this film as much as a romantic drama fan.

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#3. The Adam Project

Ryan Reynolds’s underground six was one of the most watched Netflix movies of all time and now his new film, The Atom Project, which has received a massive 233 million hours of viewing in its first month, has become the sixth most watched Netflix movie of all time. This is one of the Best Hindi Dubbed Movies on Netflix.

The film depicts the story of time-traveling pilot Adam who unintentionally returns to the year 2022 where he is required to join forces with his 12-year-old self to defend the planet from an enemy hell-bent on obtaining a time-traveling technology developed by Adam’s father.

#2. The Gray Man

“The Gray Man” is a highly-anticipated film with a star-studded cast that includes Chris Evans, Ryan Gosling, and the directors of Endgame. Records were bound to be broken, and in fact, they were broken as the film racked up an astounding 256 million hours of viewership and moved up to fifth place on Netflix’s list of the most watched films of all time.

The movie centers on Six, the most experienced CIA agent, who unwittingly digs up secretive information about the organization to eliminate a violent co-worker. This action sparks a global hunt by multinational mercenaries willing to go to any length to eliminate Six. This is one of the Best Hindi Dubbed Movies on Netflix.

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#1. Glass Onion: A Knives Out Mystery

“Glass Onion”, is the highly-anticipated sequel to the hit murder mystery movie, “Knives Out”. Though it may not match the first movie in terms of mystery plot, it has set an insane record of 273 million hours of viewing within its first month of release, making it the fourth most-watched Netflix movie of all time. This is one of the Best Hindi Dubbed Movies on Netflix.

The plot centers on crime scene investigator, Benoit Blanc, who is welcomed by a group of associates on a wealthy remote island where they are celebrating their early reunion thanks to billionaire Miles Braun. Similar to the first movie, each person at the gathering carries their own agendas, mysteries, and deceptions which are gradually uncovered after one of the attendees drops dead and Blanc takes over the interrogation, making everyone there a suspect.

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In conclusion, These Top 10 Best Hindi Dubbed Movies On Netflix of 2022 are a mix of genres, but all of them were well-liked and received millions of watch hours in the first month after their release. These movies are worth watching and they definitely worth your time.

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