Top 5 Upcoming South Indian Movies in September 2022

Today we will talk about five big Upcoming South Indian Movies released in September. In September, the Tamil cinema movie that we all have been waiting for, “Ponniyin Selvan”, will come out. Apart from “Ponniyin Selvan”, some more interesting South Indian Movies will be released in September. So today we will talk with you about these five big South Indian Movies, and know which are these movies and which movies will also be released in Hindi dubbed.

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Upcoming South Indian Movies in September 2022

1. Sinam 2022

This long-awaited south indian movie by “Arun Vijay” will be released in September. The movie is a crime thriller movie in which Arun Vijay will be seen as a police officer. A small movie teaser has been released, in which small glimpses of the movie are seen. We will know how the movie will be on 31 August, when the trailer of the movie will be released. While you all must have seen “Thadam” and “Mafia Chapter One”, another crime thriller movie by Arun Vijay is coming up which will release on 16 September.

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2. Saakini Daakini 2022

“Saakini Daakini” is a Telugu action comedy movie, directed by Sudhir Varma. Nivetha Thomas and Regina Cassandra will be seen in the lead roles in the movie. Along with comedy, a little action and thrill have also been seen in the movie’s teaser. It remains to be seen how the trailer of the movie turns out. This movie is a remake of the Korean movie “Midnight Runners”, released in 2017. The movie is a remake, but the teaser looks good. Director Sudhir Varma’s previous movie “Ranarangam” did not go anything special. So it remains to be seen how this remake movie turns out. The movie “Sakini Dakini” will also release on 16 September.

3. Gold 2022

Prithviraj Sukumaran’s movie will be a comedy-drama directed by Alphonse Putreyan.” He directed the all-time blockbuster movie “Premam”, which was released in 2015, and this was his last movie. So after almost seven years, a movie about Alphonse Putrena is coming. Talking about the movie “Gold”, the movie’s teaser has arrived, but there is nothing in the teaser. Yes, there is a scene which is so slow motion that the whole teaser ends in this one scene. So there is no update about the movie yet. But it was great to see “Nayanthara” at the end of the teaser. Nayanthara looks very beautiful in the movie. So we have to see what we get to see in the movie Gold. The movie will be released on 8 September.

4. Captain 2022

“Captain” is a sci-fi action movie directed by “Shakti Saunder Rajan”. It was “Shakti Saunder Rajan” who directed the movies “Daring Rakhwala”, “Tik Tik Tik”, and “Teddy”. So “Shakti Saundra Rajan” is coming up with another unique movie whose story revolves around an alien. But apart from this, some dangerous creatures are also seen in the trailer. So it will be interesting to see how this movie of “Shakti Saunder Rajan” turns out. The interesting thing is that this movie will be released in six languages. Yes, it has been said that this movie will be released in Tamil as well as Telugu, Hindi, Canadian, Malayalam and English. However, only the Tamil trailer has been released so far. The movie will be released on 8 September.

5. Ponniyin Selvan: I 2022

Tamil epic period drama movie “Ponniyin Selvan” is directed by “Manni Ratnam”. Many big actors will be seen with Vikram in this movie. Many big actors will be seen in important roles in this mega-budget movie. You all must have seen the teaser. After Looking at the teaser, the movie has been made on a very big level. The budget of 500 crores can be seen in the teaser. But the question is, will this movie be able to cover the budget of 500 crores?

Ponniyin Selvan Movie Trailer – HaraamKhor

There is no doubt that the movie will be very good, but as of now, it is not talked about as much here in the North as it was for “KGF Chapter 2” and “RRR”. So the moviemakers will have to pay much attention to the promotion. Let’s see how the trailer of the movie is. It is also a pan-India movie which will be released on 30 September in five languages.

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So, friends, these are the five big South movies coming in September. Which movie are you most waiting for, do let us know in the comments? Not only these movies, but many more movies and series will also be released in September. A lot of movies are going to come on OTT platforms too.

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