People Protesting Against Ajay Devgan’s ‘Thank God,’ Accused of Portraying Lord ‘Chitragupta’ In A Bad Manner

Protesters have begun in Madhya Pradesh in response to Ajay Devgan’s forthcoming film ‘Thank God.’ On Wednesday, members of the Kayastha community in Sehore protested the film, accusing Lord ‘Chitragupta‘ of portraying them incorrectly in the movie.

What’s The Whole Matter?

Protests have begun across Madhya Pradesh in response to actor Ajay Devgan’s forthcoming film ‘Thank God.’ On Wednesday, members of the Kayastha community protested to the collectorate about the actor’s latest film.

According to social officials, our beloved god Chitragupta was portrayed incorrectly in the movie ‘Thank God.’ He also requested that actor Ajay Devgn, film director, producer, and Maruti International be prosecuted.

In this respect, a considerable lot of Akhil Bharatiya Kayastha Mahasabha officials arrived at the Collectorate on Wednesday, led by District President Pradeep Saxena. They requested intervention by passing over a petition sent to the Government of India’s Union Information and Broadcasting Minister.

According to the District President of the Mahasabha, the Kayastha group is outraged by the film Thank God’s’ ridicule of their god Chitragupta. If the scene in the movie that made humor of Chitragupta is not cut, the Kayastha society will revolt throughout the nation.

Why Is The Film ‘Thank God’ Being Opposed?

The Kayastha community has demanded that the film be banned. According to the group, this film purportedly mocked Hindu beliefs. It is claimed that Chitragupta and Yamraj are dressed modernly in the movie, and their talks are amusing.

The remarks are taken from the ‘Thank God’s trailer,‘ indicating that there can be more unpleasant moments and conversations in the movie. This occasion gathered many Kayastha Mahasabha and Chitransh brotherhood office bearers.

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