Salman Khan Will Not Get 1000 Crores For Bigg Boss 16, Fees Will Be Less Than Last Season

Salman Khan is the subject of much debate nowadays about ‘Bigg Boss 16.’ The show is set to premiere next month, but rumors have emerged that Salman Khan will be paid less.

‘Bigg Boss 16’ will premiere shortly on television. It has become one of the most popular reality tv series on television. Salman Khan has hosted the show for 11 years and will lead the season premiere of ‘Bigg Boss 16’ this year. The show’s ad featured a peek of Salman Khan and was released two days ago.

However, there has been much speculation regarding Salman Khan’s Fees. Every day, people speculate about how much money Salman Khan charges for each episode of Bigg Boss, but now his price has been announced, which is lower than the previous year.

Is Salman Khan’s Fees For Bigg Boss 16 1000 Crores?

According to recent rumors, superstar Salman Khan has doubled his remuneration for the upcoming season of ‘Bigg Boss.’ Many people on social media reported that he would demand 1000 Crores for ‘Bigg Boss 16.’ According to reports, Salman would be paid Rs 43.75 crore to host one episode of Bigg Boss Season 16.

According to the rumor, Salman Khan has been given 1050 crores to host Bigg Boss 16. It quickly spread like wildfire, and people were surprised after hearing Salman’s charge. Nevertheless, according to the most recent analysis, this assertion is now untrue.

The Truth About Salman Khan’s Bigg Boss 16 Fees

According to a Mid-Day report, Bigg Boss will not premier on OTT. Also, Salman will not raise his fees; instead, he will lower them. According to estimates from the previous year, Salman Khan contributed Rs 350 crore to ‘Bigg Boss 15.’ However, neither the show’s creators nor Salman has formally addressed this.

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