Who Will Be Dev in ‘Brahmastra 2,’ Ranveer Or Yash? Here’s The Truth

On Friday, the  Bollywood film industry went into a frenzy over the “report” that Kannada star Yash would substitute Ranveer Singh in the next film ‘Brahmastra Part Two Dev,’ which will be directed by Ayan Mukerji and is his second endeavor. ‘BollywoodHungama’ conducted an investigation to find out the truth about this from Disney.

This company had invested money in Astraverse’s first film, ‘Brahmastra Part One Shiva,’ to Dharma Productions. Based on what they discovered, it is evident that this ‘Khabar’ was invented only to boost the appeal of Yash among the Hindi film viewer and to reintroduce the film ‘Brahmastra Part One in the discussion.

It All Began With Hrithik Roshan, The Rumours

Just before the release of the movie “Vikram Vedha,” there was a commotion in the world of Hindi cinema over the possibility of Hrithik Roshan playing the role of Dev in the movie “Brahmastra Part 2 Dev.” Hrithik Roshan loved it a great deal to fuel the marketing of his picture, and even though he was asked about it once, he did not deny it, nor did he say anything apparent about it.

Earlier, a rumor was circulating regarding Hrithik claiming that he and Ranbir Kapoor will work together on Nitesh Tiwari’s rumored multimillion-dollar production of the Ramayana. Afterward, Ranbir Kapoor disclosed the truth about it via the publication ‘BollywoodHungama’ before the release of the film ‘Shamshera.’

The Statement From Dharma Production

Because ‘BollywoodHungama’ had always made an effort to get to the bottom of the story, on Friday, when Kannada actor Yash’s name was mentioned with a rhetorical question for Dev’s part in the film ‘Brahmastra Part Two Dev,’ BollywoodHungama’s investigation led to the conclusion that there was no truth to the rumors. He did some research about it.

After being contacted, the official spokesperson for Dharma Productions stated that the company had very little knowledge regarding the casting of its second installment because Dharma Productions was barred from participating in the promotion of the first film in the Astraverse franchise, titled “Brahmastra Part One Shiva.” It is not appropriate to mention any of those things.

Disney India Expressed Amazement At The Situation

Following this, BollywoodHungama contacted Disney, which made a financial investment in the film ‘Brahmastra Part One Shiva’ and distributed it all over the globe. The promotional staff working for Disney India’s division was similarly taken aback when they discovered this information. There is a commotion within Disney over the second episode of Astraverse.

Still, despite Yash’s name being linked to the film’s casting, no one working on the production of this complete series had access to such information. Disney India’s first worldwide release was the film “Brahmastra Part One,” produced at the cost of about Rs 400 crore. Despite this high production cost, the film generated Rs 430 crore at the box office solo. The earnings from the film’s soundtrack, satellite, and over-the-top (OTT) rights have also contributed to the film’s financial success.

Ayan Was The One Who Revealed The Whole Truth

Now, everyone’s attention is focused on the online streaming premiere of the film “Brahmastra Part One Shiva.” On November 4, the movie will become available on Disney Plus and Hotstar. Adding Dev’s name to the second episode of this film is another effort to push the film into the spotlight. Various marketing strategies are now being used to promote the on-demand streaming release of this film.

Ayan Mukerji, the director of the film “Brahmastra Part One,” has dedicated over 11 decades of his life to the construction of the Astraverse. Ayan said unequivocally, “There is no such stuff as of now. There has been no conversation regarding casting Yash in the second episode of the film Brahmastra Part Two Dev.” Yash has yet to be contacted by anybody about the second episode of the film.

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