Box Office Collection: ‘Ram Setu’ Became Akshay’s 4th Flop, ‘Thank God’ Performed Well, ‘Kantara’ Won

Box Office Report: The box office could have had a better day on Thursday. Akshay’s and Ajay’s flicks are both going in the wrong direction. On the one hand, ‘Ram Setu’ is likely to be Akshay Kumar’s fourth film this year that will not be successful financially. In contrast, the movie “Thank God” starring Ajay Devgan seems to be in a very damaged state.

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On the other hand, we cannot place responsibility on the market for this. Because the movie “Kantara,” which came out 35 days earlier, is still making a significant amount of money. However, at this point, it remains to be seen whether the movie starring Sunakshi Sinha, Janhvi Kapoor, and Katrina Kaif will be able to have a successful premiere today, which is Friday. Please peruse our report.

Ram Setu Box Office Report

The movie “Ram Setu,” starring Akshay Kumar, is not doing very well at the box office. The film’s overall revenues have reached 66.46 crore rupees after collecting 2.26 crore rupees on Thursday, bringing the total to date to 66.46 crore rupees. In other words, after 10 days of release, this movie, which had a production expenditure of about 200 crore rupees, has only managed to recoup 33.23% of its overall cost.

We regret to inform you that 2022 is becoming a challenging year for Akshay Kumar. This year, none of his movies have been successful at the box office, which is disappointing.

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Thank God Box Office Report

On the other hand, Ajay Devgan’s “Thank God” is in far better shape than before. The tenth day of the film’s run brought in around Rs 1.25 crore, bringing the total amount that the movie has brought in to Rs 34.73 crore. The movie, which had a budget of Rs 70 crore to produce, has earned an equivalent of 49.61% of its cost.

Kantara Box Office Report

Kantara, the most successful film at the box office for the last 35 days, has seen an increase in its take compared to both ‘Ram Setu’ and ‘Thank God.’ On its sixth Thursday of release, the movie earned about Rs. 3.50 crore in revenue. The film’s overall earnings have now surpassed Rs 250 crore due to this development.

Box Office Prediction Of Phone Bhoot, Mili, & Double XL

This coming Thursday will see the release of three different movies. If what has been heard is accurate, the film “Phone Bhoot” will play a pivotal role in the first two of the three movies. A film starring Katrina Kaif has the potential to make Rs 2 crore on its first day of release.

It is possible to project that “Mili” would bring in something in the neighbourhood of Rs 1 crore on its first day of departure. This projection is based on the fact that young people are obsessed with Janhvi Kapoor. If we turn our attention to “Double XL,” we can estimate that its first-day earnings may range between sixty and seventy-five lakh rupees.

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