Dhokha Round D Corner Review: Updated Version Of ‘Crime Patrol,’ Watch It Or Skip It?

Dhokha Round D Corner Review: In ‘Dhokha – Round D Corner,’ Madhavan, Aparshakti, Darshan, and Khushali demonstrate that every penny has two faces and that reality generally triumphs against falsehoods.

Dhokha: Round D Corner Movie Story

Yatharth Sinha (R Madhavan) and his lady Sanchi Sinha (Khushali Kumar) are essential to the film’s plot. Yatharth and Sanchi are like any other married couple, with both love and struggle. Things are going smoothly for the two of them until terrorist Haq Gul (Aparshakti Khurana) breaks into their residence while Yatharth is not around. Malik (Darshan Kumar), an officer, comes in nab Haq Gul.

There are various plot twists in this film’s storyline, such as Sanchi dealing with Dilational Disorder, how Malik previously knew Sanchi, how Haq Gul visits Sanchi’s flat, and whether Haq is a terrorist or not. Does it matter whether Haq Gul is ultimately apprehended or not…? Yatharth Sinha, Sanchi, and Malik also make an appearance; for answers to such queries, you must see the film. As portrayed in the movie, every coin has two aspects: does reality always triumph over lies?

What Is Special In The Movie ‘Dhokha: Round D Corner?’

Dhokha – Round D Corner‘ opens with a song, and the camera work is excellent. An extensive section of the song is brilliantly portrayed in a clip. The picture was also effectively managed on the editing table, which is why it has not been forcefully extended and completed in roughly 2 hours.

Dhokha: Round D Corner Official Trailer: YouTube

The film’s opening song is highly cinematically beautiful, in addition to the last song, ‘Mahi Mera,’ which depicts the love and agony of Aparshakti Khurana and Khushali Kumar. Arijit has worked hard to add four moons to this tune. On the other hand, the film’s advertising song ‘Jubi Doobi‘ is an incredible dancing number.

What’s Wrong With The Movie ‘Dhokha: Round D Corner?’

The movie isn’t only poorly written on paper, but it is also technically flawed. Small details make a picture excellent or awful, but viewing this does not seem like it. First and foremost, when it comes to acting, even R Madhavan, a fantastic actor, has fallen short of expectations.

Seeing Madhavan throughout the movie, it appears that he could not grasp his persona and that the filming began immediately. On the other hand, the effort put into Aparshakti Khurana’s persona is apparent, although it does not add color. Darshan Kumar, too, fell short of his expectations following ‘The Kashmir Files.’

Besides these 3, it marks the premiere of Khushali Kumar from the movie, and while there are no dialogues of Khushali till she sets on the film, it is known that she requires to create more. The film’s language and cinematography are both relatively poor.

Even when viewing a thriller picture, there is often a lot of laughing after thinking about what should have been scripted for this sequence. The movie is produced by Kookie Gulati, who has previously worked on films such as Prince and The Big Bull. They appear light here as well. After seeing the entire movie, it is clear that the film did not research several sequences.

Watch It Or Skip It?

In simple words, ‘Dhoka: Round D Corner‘ is a more expensive version of Crime Patrol, which allows you to predict what will happen next. Except for the final ten minutes, there isn’t anything in the film that is novel or unusual. ‘Dhoka: Round D Corner‘ will be available on OTT soon; you can watch it there.

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