Gaalib Movie Review: The True Story Of A Heavy Pen On A Gun

The plot of the ‘Gaalib‘ movie is based partly on Afzal Guru’s son Gaalib’s relationship with his mother. This narrative is about her after the death of Afzal Guru and how she raises ‘Gaalib‘ during difficulties in Kashmir. And what she fights for.

Gaalib Full Movie Review

The son of a doctor becomes a doctor, and the son of an engineer becomes an engineer. It is common in all fields, although it is not required. Nobody could have predicted that Gaalib, the son of Parliamentary assault prisoner Afzal Guru, would make a reputation for himself throughout the nation by acing the 10th-grade exams.

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Following the execution of his father, Afzal Guru, terrorist organizations in the valley urged him to avenge his father’s murder. But Gaalib doesn’t choose the route of violence and instead seeks study, and he receives compensation from the same magistrate who condemned his father to death.

How did Gaalib’s Mother Become A Saviour?

The movie ‘Gaalib‘ concept is based partly on Afzal Guru’s son Gaalib’s bond with his mother. This narrative is about her after the murder of Afzal Guru, how she raises her son Gaalib besides difficulties in Kashmir, and what she fights for. The film depicts an India more gorgeous than Kashmir, despite the heat of extremism in the Kashmir Region. Many endeavors are made to turn Gaalib into a terrorist, but his mother protects him and moves him out of Kashmir to educate him in Allahabad.

Gaalib Made His Image Different From Father

Afzal Guru was indeed a doctor who opted to become a terrorist. He was also very remorseful. Afzal wished for his kid to pursue a career in medicine. He aspires to be a doctor to achieve his father’s desire. Observe the game of fate as he returns from Allahabad after finishing 10th grade, and when he succeeds, he gains esteem in the eyes of the exact court which condemned Afzal Guru to death.

While praising Gaalib, the court states that his father does not always determine a son’s personality. He received the consequences of his father’s actions. Efforts rewarded the son. Also Read: Jogi Movie Review: Netflix’s ‘Jogi’ managed to win hearts, why this film of Diljit Dosanjh is special, know here

Deepika Chikhaliya’s Acting Worth Watching

Deepika Chikhaliya’s movie ‘Gaalib‘ will be released soon after ‘Bala.’ However, he had previously filmed this movie earlier Bala. However, because of Corona, the film was unable to be released. Deepika Chikhaliya bears the entirety of Gaalib’s blame. She has done an excellent job as a mother.

Anil Rastogi, a talented theatre performer, performed the film’s father-in-law with distinction. The film’s plot, created by Dheeraj Mishra, is its most powerful feature. Unfortunately, the movie decelerates someplace, and here is when the film becomes tedious. The film’s cinematography is excellent.

Why Should These Kind Of Movies Necessary?

Delivering the movie ‘Gaalib‘ to theatres is also significant for its creators. Releasing films after they have been completed serves as exposure to the spirit of the people who created this film. The video conveys that, regardless of a person’s parental history, anyone may set a precedent for humankind if he receives good education and direction.

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