Ullu Hot Web Series: Husband Cheated Wife, Watch How She Plays Trick With Another Guy

Most films and web series are now distributed on the OTT platform. Since the advent of digital media, the popularity of web series has grown.

These days, the most significant aspect of a web series is its bold and personal sequences. Today we’ll discuss the most daring ongoing series, ‘Lady Finger,’ which will premiere on ULLU App on 4 October.

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What’s The Story Of Ullu Web Series Lady Finger?

The plot of the Ullu Hot Web SeriesLady Finger‘ centers on a married couple who are no longer in love. The husband in the series is anxious to separate from his wife. Simultaneously, the woman informed a colleague that her spouse was in another relationship.

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Her buddy tells her to introduce another woman into her partner’s life. We’ll have to watch till the web series is released to find out what happens next.

Cast & Release Date Of Lady Finger Web Series

This Ullu Hot Web Series starred Ayushi Jaiswal. Ayushi has offered several daring and personal situations in her web series, making her admirers swoon. This ULLU Web Series will premiere on 4 October. Fans widely anticipate this online series.

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Other Ullu Hot Web Series Like Lady Finger

In the previous two weeks, the Ullu App has provided consumers with head-to-head fantastic and amusing ‘Bold Web Series.’ In addition to the two most well-known Ullu App Web Series, ‘Lady Finger,’ there is also ‘Honey Part 2‘ and ‘Zoorat Season 2‘. In plain terms, Ullu presently has several similar stories, which generate quite a stir after watching.

Lady Finger Ullu Web Series Trailer

Lady Finger Series Trailer: YouTube


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