Bold Web Series: Watch Alone These Bold Web Series On Ullu

In OTT Platforms, there isn’t a limitation on the amount of material available. There are several Movies and Bold Web Series accessible here. There is a lot of daring stuff in addition to humour, family drama, action, suspense, and thriller. There is enough Bold Series accessible on OTT that it is impossible to view with the entire family.

Although several similar applications on OTT provide more than one Bold Web Series, no one can match the Ullu App. On Ullu, there are various series in which all boundaries have been broken in the case of daring sequences. Let us learn more about them.

1. Chawl House (2022) On Ullu

This Ullu App Web Series is much talked about. It has several daring sequences. The plot of this Bold Web Series revolves around two siblings named Tina and Meena, who reside in a ‘Chawl House.’ Tina is a thoughtless girl who does not work, while Meena is a clever girl who works at the office.

Tina likes Rahul after meeting him. They developed feelings for one another. And now Meena develops feelings for him as well. After this, Meena is envious of Tina’s proximity to Rahul. The series plot revolves around this.

2. Palang Tod (Siskiyaan) (2022) On Ullu

Ullu’s Web Series is packed with daring sequences. This Bold Web Series premiered on August 5, 2022. However, to watch this web series, you must first download the Ullu App. Each episode of the Series will last between 25 and 30 minutes. First-two episodes will be available for free on the Ullu App. A subscription is required for future episodes.

3. Matki (2022) On Ullu

It is the latest one more daring online Series from Ullu App. Last month, on August 19, this Bold Web Series was published. Priya Gamare and Ankita Bhattacharya played a role in the ‘Matki’ Series. Avoid viewing this Series alongside your parents.

4. Lovely Massage Parlour (2021) On Ullu

This Series is also part of Ullu App’s daring online Series. There have been two seasons. ‘Lovely Massage Parlour’ Series has pushed the boundaries of bravery. You can only watch this Bold Web Series with your buddies.

5. Kavita Bhabhi (2022) On Ullu

This Bold Web Series on Ullu App has offered up some daring stuff. This web series is about a lady who, after listening to the concerns of individuals suffering from sexual issues, endeavours to address them by listening to them over the phone, even though its material is pretty daring.

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