Rakhi Sawant & Adil Khan Durrani’s Song Created A Buzz, Got So Many Million Views In Four Days

The song “Tu Mere Dil Mere Rehne Ke Layak Nahi” by Rakhi Sawant and her partner Adil Khan Durrani has gone viral. Although Adil and Rakhi are seen enjoying most occasions together, this is the first time they have been together onscreen. Rakhi and Adil’s song was published on September 10th, and the public received it well. Rakhi is delighted that her song has become a hit, and she danced with Adil. Whose video is trending on social media?

Rakhi may be seen swinging cheerfully in a video released by the paparazzi website on social media. She is seen saying that in two days and pointing with her hand to ten. Just afterwards, Adil begins joyfully dancing on the road with Durrani and declares that it will be 100 million. Also Read: Check Out Best Serial Killer Movies & Series

Watch The Viral Video Of Rakhi & Adil

For the time being, let us remind you that the song was released four days ago. On the other hand, Rakhi’s delight knows no bounds as soon as the photographers say that look back, and she tells… my Adil’s hoarding has been put up.

While both are shown in a loving light in the song, the plot twist occurs when Rakhi ditches Adil for somebody else, causing Adil to fall. The entire piece is based on this idea. Fans of both are highly fond of them. Fans are waiting eagerly for this duo to tie the married.

Adil and Rakhi are frequently photographed together, and Rakhi has often professed her affection for them in public. Adil is also usually seen showing her appreciation. Rakhi just underwent corrective surgery, and Adil took excellent care of her at the hospital. Also Read: Best Indian Crime Thriller Movies

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