Box Office Report: PS-1, Vikram Vedha, Kantara, Brahmastra, & Godfather Advance Booking

Box Office Report: The movie is performing admirably at the box office once more. With the slowdown of Brahmastra, the box office was halted once more, but thanks to the film’s release last Friday, it is now being watched in cinemas. The fight between South and Bollywood at the movie office was observed again on Friday.

In the meantime, Brahmastra appears to be taking a beating. However, the inaugural revenue data for these flicks, which took place on Tuesday, have been disclosed. So, let’s see how much each picture earned the previous day.

Ponniyin Selvan 1 Box Office Report

Ponniyin Selvan 1 Box Office Report: YouTube

This Friday, the gigantic movie ‘Ponniyin Selvan 1‘ directed by Mani Ratnam, was also launched in theatres. The public highly anticipated this multi-starrer picture. When it was released, the movie dominated the box office.

The film, which has been doing well since its release, earned an estimated 23.50 crores on Tuesday. This film’s total earnings have risen to Rs 153.05 crore.

Vikram Vedha Box Office Report

Vikram Vedha Box Office Report: YouTube

Vikram Vedha,’ one of the year’s most anticipated films, debuted in theatres on Friday. This picture had great expectations from all of us. After excellent profits on the second and third days, it appeared that this picture would soon combat with PS-1.

However, it seems that PS-1 is battering this film. In terms of box office, on the fifth day, the film had earned six crores (estimated). The film’s total earnings have now reached Rs 48.33 crore.

Kantara Box Office Report

Kantara Box Office Report: YouTube

It is also dragging aside Hindi films, such as ‘Kantara,’ that grossed a lot of money on weekends. On the one hand, the picture grossed Rs 7.1 crore on Sunday.

On the other side, on Monday, the film earned Rs 4.70 crore. Kantara earned 6.30 crores on the fifth day, Tuesday (estimated). This film’s overall earnings have risen to Rs 24.80 crore.

Brahmastra Box Office Report

Brahmastra Box Office Report: YouTube

Brahmastra,’ starring Ranbir Kapoor, has now been in theatres for 26 days. The revenues of ‘Brahmastra‘ are likewise declining. On the 26th day, the film seemed to have an income of 70 lakhs. Up to this point, this movie has grossed 265.69 crores.

Godfather Advance Booking Report

Godfather Advance Booking Report: YouTube

Godfather,’ starring South Megastar Chiranjeevi and Salman Khan, hits theatres today. Based on the advance booking statistics, the movie has made Rs 6.38 crore in Telugu and Rs 18 lakh in Hindi.


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