Godfather (2022) Movie Review: Watch It Or Not?

Godfather Movie Review: With the growing popularity of South Indian films in the nation, even huge Bollywood actors are looking south. Whether Ajay Devgan in ‘RRR‘ or Sanjay Dutt in ‘KGF 3‘, all these celebrities are constantly departing Bollywood and entering the world of South Indian cinema.

Finally, Salman Khan has been added to this list. Salman Khan has made his way to the South with the film ‘Godfather.’ Godfather is an Activists Drama film that was released today in India. Apart from Salman, Megastar Chiranjeevi plays a strong character named Bramha in the movie.

To your knowledge, it’s a remake of the Film adaptation ‘Lucifer,’ which was released in 2019 and was helmed by Mohan Raja.

Godfather Full Movie Story

The narrative depicts the death of the state’s most outstanding citizen and social worker, who also happens to be the CM from PKR. The entire political system of the state is rattled, and the central issue today is who will be the state’s next CM.

Likewise, there is an entry in the tale of a man named Brahma, who is not keen on politics at all, but the people, witnessing Brahma’s friendly actions, wish to have him sit in the CM’s chair.

Still, the primary issue is that the remaining party members do not wish Brahma to sit in the chair at any cost. Now you need to watch the movie to see if Brahma will be the state’s CM or not.

Godfather (2022) Full Movie Review

The plot and premise of Godfather are fantastic. Still, the audience does not care since the same tale has been shown to the audience in Lucifer, which means that no matter how wonderful the narrative is, its worth is diminished due to repeatedly duplicating it on the big screen.

Nonetheless, Mohan Raja is a talented director who made every effort to bring this picture to life. Chiranjeevi, who portrayed Brahma, went to great lengths to get his life into the action sequence. Salman Khan is said to have worked hard to acquire the character of Brahma’s younger brother, yet his efforts were not rewarded on the big screen.

However, Nayanthara has played great respect to her persona, and you would love to watch her as a leader after seeing his identical old-type action sequences and stunts.

Godfather (2022) Movie: Watch It Or Not?

Overall, it’s a mediocre film. It can still be observed due to a few factors. But you can wait for its OTT premier and watch it there. It’s a OTT Platform material. Salman & Chiranjeevi’s Godfather Movie is an OTT Platform material.

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