10 Latest ULLU Web Series To Watch Online For FREE

Many different types of entertainment have become available in recent years on websites like Netflix and Amazon Prime. Despite the fact that many individuals like provocative and sexy stuff.

Among these individuals, the Ullu app is becoming quite well-liked. Check out these 10 hugely popular web series of the Ullu app if you want daring and sensual material.

Top 10 Bold & Hot Web Series On ULLU App

1. Panchali

Panchali Ullu Web Series: YouTube

This Ullu web serial centres on a woman’s four marriages. In reality, the fifth boy of this family rejects this custom on his own terms. Later on, he develops feelings for this woman, though.

2. Jaane Anjane Mein

Jaane Anjane Mein Ullu Web Series: YouTube

Five seasons with this web series have indeed been published, making it one of the most well-known on the Ullu app. The first season told the tale of a married couple who moved in together.

However, Ravi’s wife Chandni must travel to the village when her husband is moved. In Ravi’s absence, Chandni grows closer to her father-in-law, and that’s when the plot twist occurs.

3. Jalebi Bai

Jalebi Bai Ullu Web Series: YouTube

In this web series, Riddhima Tiwari and Alina Sen have significant parts. Last year, in 2022, this webseries was made available. In this tale, a lady by the name of Jalebi Bai appears.

Jalebi Bai receives a lot of items from the apartment where she works, and as a result, she begins to be quite interested in what is going on there. After that, she starts extorting money from her mistress as well. This Ullu Web Series’ sexual material has also become quite popular.

4. Palang Tod

The protagonist of this Ullu web series is a paraplegic man named Kamlesh. He is unable to walk or speak. When Kamlesh’s Bai joins the programme, the narrative takes a surprising turn.

Savita is Kamlesh’s personal assistant. Savita has a miserable personal life. After consuming alcohol, her spouse frequently hits her. Savita develops feelings for Kamlesh. The provocative substance of this Ullu Web Series contributed to its popularity as well.

5. Kavita Bhabhi

Kavita Bhabhi Ullu Web Series: YouTube

The principal actress in this web series, Kavita Radheshyam, is highly outspoken both onscreen and in real life. Each episode of this online series has a fresh narrative.

Talking on the phone is done by Kavita Bhabhi. The fact that there have been five seasons of this web series so far, all of which have been very well received by fans, indicates how popular this Ullu Hot Web Series is.

6. Charamsukh

Charam Sukh Ullu Web Series: YouTube

In this web series, the tale of a maid named Paro will be presented. She has a connection with a man from a wealthy family in order to pay for her mother’s medication and the costs of running the household. This online series has a lot of provocative material.

7. #MeToo: Wolf Of Bollywood

MeToo Wolf Of Bollywood Ullu Web Series: YouTube

This web series’ plot is inspired on the Metoo campaign. This trend allowed several Bollywood actresses to publicly share their experiences on the casting couch. The plot of this Ullu Hot Web Series is similar in that a young actress must do daring situations.

8. Daamad Ji

Damaad Ji Ullu Web Series: YouTube

This web series has two seasons thus far. A guy called Mohan is injured in the first season, and his wife Kumud summons her mom Ranjana to stay on top of him. Because he fell in love with his mother-in-law Ranjana, Mohan was imprisoned.

In Season 2, Ranjana is hurt as Mohan recovers from his. Since Ranjana is unwilling to leave Mohan, she truly provides an explanation. The twist of the story is if Kumud finds out about this.

9. Guardian

Guardian Ullu Web Series: YouTube

The Ullu app’s web series enjoys enormous popularity. There will be a hint of bravado in this suspense/thriller web series. The narrative of Aditya and his Guardian Juliana is presented in this sexual web series.

10. Jhumke

Jhumke Ullu Web Series: YouTube

This Ullu Hot Web Series’ story focuses on the tenant and the maidservant, much like many other Ullu web series do. One will truly get to observe a domestic servant who enjoys her mistress’s earrings in the starring part of this television series.

Even if these earrings cost thousands of dollars, Kamwali Bai cannot possibly bring in that much money. A lady in this circumstance chats to the landlord as the maid trades her beauty for money. Despite the fact that the plot also has several twists.

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