Top 5 Best Web Series To Watch On Netflix, Disney+ Hotstar, Apple+ TV

Best Web Series To Watch: We are not animals that will watch anything. We want unique concepts in any language. After the ending of the web series, you must feel that you are living in the world of that web series. Today’s Top Five Web Series has the capability of making such an impact on you.

5 Best Web Series To Watch On OTT Platforms (2022)

#1 Nobody’s Looking (2019)

When someone does not die at the time of a road accident, you consider him a lucky guy, but there is an organization in heaven that sends an angel to make your luck. For someone who likes unique content with two positive and two opposing points, the Web Series is “NOBODY’S LOOKING.” The angels’ organization, training, and working culture are shown straightforwardly and effectively.

In short, it seems believable, and especially the Uli character is fantastic. We also ask ourselves curious questions while living life. And above all these, the movie’s comedy and storytelling are excellent. I was expecting high after such a unique concept, and we were disappointed with the expectations. It will be a spoiler if I’ll describe you. The Web Series will win your heart by showing society’s good and bad sides. It is available on Netflix in the English language. 

#2 The Sandman (2022)

The world is frustrated by mental disorders and nightmares. And its reason is that our hero of dreams is imprisoned. How was he imprisoned, how would he get out, and how will he change the world of dreams? With three positive and one negative point, the recently released Web Series on Netflix is “THE SANDMAN.” Let me clear you up by telling the negative point, except for the first and the last episode; Every episode seems to be stretched.

Many scenes and characters could be edited and cut out from the Series. It was clear that they were pulling the Series, but this negative point would not be a big issue in front of its fantasy world. The last time I saw “Sweet Tooth” on Netflix with a fantastic realistic story. The top class of VFX is logical, too, how the pigeon tries to save the sandman. The camera follows action scenes that remind me of “Harry Potter” and the “Prisoner of Azkaban.”

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And the best thing is a character built up. At the end of every episode, it urges you to watch the next episode. The Web Series is very dark and brutal, with multiple sex scenes, without naked body parts. After so much time, a lovely Hindi dubbed series was released on Netflix.

#3 Severance (2022)

“Breaking Bad” is so slow, but even so, it is a masterpiece. The same type of series, in which the company where you do the job, will divide you into two parts; personal and professional. The Series is weird, as it sounds weird. With three positive and two opposing points, the Sci-fi drama series is “SEVERANCE.” Ben Stiller is the series director, so he will do something beyond imagination. You. You will feel this from the first shot itself.

With stunning hypnotizing camera angles, clean and neat office, and clothes, you are in heaven, or is hell converted into heaven? Our hero Mark unfolds these questions in the Series through the mystery. What is going on behind this company? It would be best if you had high patience. One hour-long episode, and some episodes do not have any dialogue. You wait for the scene to be changed. I am an impatient type of guy, so I was eager, but the director is so clever that he leaves a cliff angle in the end that you need to start the second episode.

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From my point of view, 5-10 minutes could be edited and reduced from every episode—very casual sex scenes, without any nudity, nine episodes, 1 hour each. You will get the first episode for free on Apple Plus Tv.

#4 The Newsroom (2012)

The Web Series starts with a person telling in a press conference why America is not the number one country in the world. You are a student of the mass media. You want to know the inside reality of the news channel, the politics, how to use others for your benefit, and an excellent comedy-drama, then with three positive and one negative points. In that case, the Web Series is “THE NEWSROOM.” This Series is highly bold, I only completed its first season in 2012, and it is relevant till today.

After the controversial monologue of a reporter, he was allowed to work with a new colleague. Both are opposite, but how they manage and do quality news reporting. The Web Series has short conversations, so you need to know a little English. You may not understand some metaphors, but the reality of the news channel is how politics influence the news channels and how news is modified. Everyone doesn’t need to be terrible on the news channel.

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Whatever perspective you have about the news channels, this Series has the power to change it. The director was going sideways from the 3rd-4th episode about the right wing and the left wing from there onwards. The content starts to drop those sarcastic dialogues of the Series. That angry young man personality of Will McAvoy will impress you. If you like the Suite web series, try it on the Disney Plus Hotstar.

#5 This Is Us (2016)

It’s not a series, but it is a documentary about the tragedies of our life. It was the first time that I cried in the first episode only. In every episode, sexually, physically, mentally etc., related characters are abnormal from the other’s point of view, how it affects the mentality and life. And not only crying about that, and how they escape from it, they search for happiness in the tiny things, and you relate yourself in those moments. You also get happy and cry. Overall, it taught me about humanity. After six seasons on the Disney plus Hotstar Tragedy drama, the Series is “THIS IS US.”

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So, Which Series is the best and your favorite one? Let us know in the comment below. We wrote for you if you want to know about other movies and web series genres.

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