Top 7 Best Sci-Fi Action Thriller Movies To Watch

Twenty years old Sci-Fi Action Thriller Movies are the reality of today’s world. Movies on this list can become a reality in the upcoming time. And what’s the benefit of watching these movies at that time? So, we will share with you a list of the Top 7 Sci-Fi action thriller movies which will start in your brain after watching them.

7 Best Sci-Fi Action Thriller Movies List (2022)

#1 Code 8 (2019)

There are very few people on this planet who have special powers. The whole military and police force is behind them. Hero, an Electric man, is committing crimes. No one could stop him. With two buoyant and two opposing points, the sci-fi thriller of 2019 is “CODE 8.” The movie has an impressive VFX. When any character uses the power or takes any action scene, each one is bang on.

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I think the Hero was perfect because I have already watched his “ARQ” movie on Netflix, which I liked more than that. The negative point about the series is the relationship between the mother and son, it seems to be forceful, and the movie feels stretched due to it. There are very topless scenes in the club and very abusive language. The film is free on Amazon Prime Video and MX Player OTT Platforms.

#2 Midnight Special (2016)

The FBI is searching for an 8-year-old kid because he has superpowers, but his father will keep him away from this world. You will get the answers to all these questions in the movie about why the light emits through that kid’s eyes and why he wore goggles in the daytime. With two positive and one negative point, the film is “MIDNIGHT SPECIAL (2016).” It’s a sci-fi thriller movie. It is for you if you look for concepts in the film. The first half is prolonged. You may doubt why you are watching this movie. But the movie’s ending was beyond imagination. That’s called a perfect ending.

#3 Synchronic (2019)

You can travel time with the help of a tablet, but only for seven minutes. And this tablet is available in the whole market. With three positive and one negative point, this sci-fi thriller movie is “SYNCHRONIC.” A similar type of concept I saw in Annihilation on Netflix. Until and unless any content challenges our brain, then that content has no place on our list. Our Hero is trying to bring an essential character from the time. He recorded after taking the tablet and wanted to show the world how this tablet works.

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The movie excellently explains this tablet. You will never forget the “Synchronic” Movie. While taking any pill in life, this movie creates that much impact. This movie keeps you engage through its twists and turns and doesn’t bore you. The ending seems overly dramatic and cliché. Like a typical Bollywood romance type, no adult scenes have so many disturbing scenes. This movie is must watch for every sci-fi movie fan. You can watch this Movie on Netflix.

#4 Vanilla Sky (2001)

A car crash and the whole life becomes hell, but our Hero has so much money. Can he make hell into heaven through his money & science? With three upbeat and one negative point, the romance sci-fi psychological thriller movie is “VANILLA SKY.” I am warning you that the film is 20 years old. The 2 hours and 15 minutes feel so long because the first half is full of romance, and I got a man crush on Tom Cruise because of his acting skills.

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When the car crashes, his face gets damaged, and after that, through his actions, he proves that he is not just a chocolate boy but an actor. The movie often confuses us and tells us to interpret what sci-fi has happened. It may be positive and negative for you. There are many sexual and disturbing scenes in the movie. It is available in Hindi on Netflix.

#5 Coherence (2013)

A comet will pass through the sky, shut down every electronic item, change your behaviour, and the situation will worsen. And also, it can damage your brain. With three positive and one negative point, the sci-fi thriller movie is “COHERENCE.” If you like the high level of VFX action and fight scenes, then this movie is not for you. At one point, I understood the “Tenant” by Christopher Nolan. Still, I watched 3-5 explanation videos on YouTube to understand this movie.

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The biggest thing is that the director hasn’t told the script line and story. He told him to act according to the situation. This movie is made for $50,000. The story of the dinner night of the eight friends who are genuine and who are in a parallel universe, different realities together, no one knows. Nothing is for adults in the movie, and is available for free on YouTube.

#6 Contact (1987)

Aliens have sent signals on the earth. There are instructions in those signals for making the machine. With three positive and two opposing points, the sci-fi drama is “CONTACT.” I am warning you that it is a 25-year-old movie. It has almost zero editing. If you have the habit of watching 2 hours and 30 minutes, then only start this movie. But suppose you have decided to watch this movie. In that case, I am telling you that the last time I watched “Arrivals”, it was also a realistic movie about aliens.

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If any movie becomes a reality in the future, then this can be that movie. The character of doctor Elie was my favourite character. The combination of science and spirituality was great. Please tell me in the comment box if you have watched this movie. There is nothing adult in this, and please give it a try. You can buy or rent this Movie on YouTube.

#7 NOPE (2022)

I believe in Jordan Billy. That’s why I experienced this movie in the IMAX. And I have been thinking about this movie for the past three days. I have seen many videos related to Area 51 and Aliens. I believe that UFOs can arrive from anywhere in space. Now the UFO is behind the clouds in the sky, searching for this family in the desert. Can they be exposed in front of the world, or is the reality different? Before this movie goes out of the theatres, please watch it. The unique combination of the sci-fi horror movie is “NOPE.”

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If you liked the list of our Top 7 Best Sci-fi Action Thriller movies, then let us know your favourite movie in the comment section.

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