Top 10 Best Indian Movies Of 2022 So Far

More than half the year has passed, and we have a combination of digital and theatrical releases. It has led to a massive gambit of quality movies—some delivering an outstanding theatrical experience and some that made us lose some brain cells.

List Of Best Indian Movies Of 2022 So Far

Getting to the list of some of the most memorable experiences with “Top 10 Best Indian Movies of 2022 So Far.” 

#10 Gangubai Kathiawadi On Netflix

There was massive toxicity around this movie even before it was released. Everyone doubted the capability of “Alia Bhatt” as the protagonist. Trade Analysts dismissed it as a product in an otherwise ignored “Bhansali” opulence scale. Another female-led project. It’s undeniable, however, that Gangubai proved the naysayers wrong, delivering a heartbreaking and engaging storyline of perseverance of a girl turned madame of “Kamathipura.”

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Enhanced by the beautiful visual set, design, and melodious music, we had Ajay Devgn, Shantanu, and Seema Pahwa, giving great support to a leading role. It was performed with a lot of conviction by Alia Bhatt. A tighter edit and a more engaging second half with a little more Vijay Raaz would have probably elevated the quality of this movie. But “Gangubai Kathiawadi” was a winner for its execution and what it stood for.

#9 Hridayam On Disney+ Hotstar

You don’t get to say this for many characters. Still, I never imagined that a story so specific to the people from Kerala would resonate with me on a personal level. This “Vineeth Sreenivasan” coming-of-age story was such a beautiful storyline to witness and cherish. With a screenplay packed with 15 songs and a movie that still can feel like a breeze, it’s something special—highlighting the “fish out of the sea” experience of Keralite stepping out of the state for better opportunities.

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The sense of cultural identity that one holds on to. The melting point that most institutions become and how most of our adult life becomes about understanding and acknowledging where we lost sight of who we are and what we sought to achieve. Its progressive portrayal of the coating process, relationships, and understanding that all associations may not have a happy ending. And that’s fine is what truly resonated with me—accounting for this movie to hold a special place in my heart.

#8 Jalsa On Amazon Prime Video

When two acting powerhouses are getting together for a project, it will be creatively engaging. And so was the case for the Vidya Balan and Shefali Shah starred “Jalsa.” Whether it be highlighting the stark class differences present all around us—the accurate portrayal of a sensitive and complex condition like cerebral palsy. Especially highlighting the concept of truth and how an objective concept such as the same oscillates.

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And it is dictated by one circumstance. We might present ourselves as the harbingers of truth, but aren’t we only looking out for our vested interests? This movie was doing great when Hindi Cinema was getting a lot of flack and labelled. As an industry, not trying hard enough to bring compelling and unique stories to the forefront.

#7 Rocketry: The Nambi Effect

A movie with very few takers in theatres but through favourable word of mouth has created a fanbase. And showcasing a lesser known yet compelling story of a great mind from India was “Rocketry,” starring and directed by “R. Madhavan” based on the several milestones of “Nambi Narayanan.” The movie not only highlights the false accusations against the revolutionary scientist but, with great conviction, showcases the leaps and bounds he took only for the scientific progression of India as a nation.

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With really benevolent and convincing cameos by Surya and Shahrukh Khan, R. Madhavan shed blood, sweat and tears for a role that culminates into an emotional and bittersweet one. The second half made me highly emotional. For those who haven’t seen the movie, the movie is now available on Amazon Prime Video and VOOT Select.

#6 KGF Chapter 2 On Amazon Prime Video

The movie was globally celebrated, and rightly so, was the sequel of KGF. This movie received unprecedented box office numbers and love. And you cannot deny the conviction of a creator like Prashant Neel, who went all out for this movie. When it comes to mass cinema and what that style of moviemaking requires, it’s all about conviction. And Prashanth with the universe he created, the background score, the scale he executed, and the budget.

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He had the characters that he introduced and fleshed out the possible future that the franchise holds all of its needs, praise, and adoration. There is no doubt in my mind about that. The fact that everyone has come up with several possible theories of how “KGF Chapter 3” unfolds tells you how many people, I included, fell in love with the boisterous yet entertaining world.

#5 Jana Gana Mana On Netflix

The movie that got me so off guard for many reasons was the Malayalam courtroom and the social drama “Jana Gana Mana.” The ability of creators to question several of our systems that we consider to be the mantle of truth or justice showcasing this movie. Courtroom dramas often deviate toward inspirational fluff and bleaching, but this movie presented hard-hitting truths.

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The movie speaks about several facets of our society today, the media’s credibility, trials orchestrated by them for ratings, and the shelf life of their news. In the brief cycle of anger and selective outrage, the nameless, faceless puppeteers often call the shots. The common folk’s city abides by not what they know as a right but what is said to them. And most importantly, the concept of truth and justice. A movie with a lot to pack in but worth every minute with exceptional performances by Prithviraj and Suraj.

#4 Gargi On SonyLIV

The movie I still can’t get out of my head is the “Sai Pallavi” starrer “Gargi.” Directed by “Gotham Ramachandran,” based on the imprisonment of the patriarch of a simple family. And the daughter’s pursuit of justice for her father, whom she feels has been wrongfully accused and kept in custody. The slow unravelling of events in the movie left me shocked and genuinely speechless.

The staging and cinematography of the movie have excellent attention to detail, highlighting the psychological toll it takes on the protagonist. Tough-hitting performances by Sai Pallavi and Kali Venkat are one thing. Still, the compelling screenplay by Gotham Ramachandran and Hari Haran Raju are the real heroes. I assure you, you’ll be caught off guard by the climax of this movie, making you question several of the preconceived notions you had on the journey.

#3 Kadaisi Vivasayi On SonyLIV

Written and Directed by “M. Manikandan.” The movie focuses on a village where lightning has struck one of the oldest trees and reduced it to ruins. The village folk believed that such an atrocity had occurred due to the lack of worship of their deities. Tasked to sow the first symbolic grain, many depend on Mayandi, played by Nalandi, the only existing farmer in the village. The movie sheds light on the trials and tribulations the simple, frugal and almost stoic individual deals with.

While being hounded by private enterprise young folk who want to sell their land, the decay of sustenance farming, and the loss of societal unity riddled with caste differences. This movie provides commentary on the rapid corporatization of most of our processes and the complete dissolution of the individual. Nalandi, with a heartbreaking performance, wanting to tend to his field will make your heart reach out for him. A layered “Vijay Setupathi” performance is icing on the cake in this complex yet compelling movie. 

#2 Vikram On Disney+ Hotstar

One of my most memorable theatre experiences was the Lokesh Kanagaraj-directed movie “Vikram,” starring Kamal Hassan in the title role. I got so obsessed with the movie and its several theories that I watched the theatre response videos for days ahead. Also, to further talk about my fanboy nature with this movie, I listened to the background music jukebox when they released it, and I had it on repeat for days.

The complex storyline aside, the sheer marriage of locations, visuals and Aniruh’s music accounted for so many moments that make what we know as a mass cinema so special. Vijay Setupathi, Fahad Fazil, and Kamal Hassan are in such fine form in this movie. “Vikram” is the movie with one of the most memorable interval blocks and conclusions. I’m still looking forward to the agent Tina spinoff and how Rolex did it in the instalments ahead.

#1 RRR On Disney+ Hotstar

Suppose I want to talk about a movie that genuinely represents the larger-than-life cinema experience. In that case, it has to be “RRR.” It truly represents the skill of Director “S.S. Rajamouli” and how and why it is getting recognized globally. If you’re talking about abandonment, this is the movie that guarantees it. And backed by the emotional depth that S.S. Rajamouli always guarantees, it’s a perfect concoction that you can think of. S.S. Rajamouli establishes this emotional connection with the masses with his characters.

While on paper based on absolute freedom fighters taking the shape of celebrated Hindu Gods in its conclusion. It is the conviction that does connect with the audience. So whether it be the audacious but jaw-dropping interval block, the bond between Ram and Bheem is executed brilliantly. The exceptional dance sequences that had me cheering even in theatres, or the sheer imagery created by the man behind the camera in conclusion. “RRR” was one of my most significant cinema experiences this year.

Best Indian Movies Of 2022

And this was the list of Top 10 Best Indian Movies of 2022 So Far. Write down in the comments below what were your favorite movies of 2022.

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