Top 5 IMDb Highest Rated Netflix Hindi Dubbed Web Series

As you know, Netflix is one of the trendy OTT platforms. Every day a lot of movies and web series are released on Netflix. But are all web series worth watching? No way. That’s why people resort to IMDb to watch the best web series. So today, we will tell you the IMDB’s Highest-Rated Web Series, which is available in Hindi on Netflix.

1. Yakamoz S-245 (2022) on Netflix

IMDb Rating: 6.1/10

Jason George directs “Yakamoz S-245,” a Turkish apocalypse sci-fi drama thriller streaming television web series. The Web Series is a steady thriller that doesn’t strike you until the third episode, but once you’re in the mood, it takes you on a terrifying, chaotic trip. The series is similar to Ridley Scott’s Alien, from a labour group locked together to humans changing hues over time.

The Series raises the issue of morality and the extent to which one will go to survive in a society where there is no option to live. Yakamoz S-245’s characters are not presented with enthusiasm as they were in Into the Night. Nevertheless, they are appropriately fleshed out to provide a severe but dramatic impression during dialogues and decision-making.

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2. The Marked Heart (2022) on Netflix

IMDb Rating: 6.4/10

“The Marked Heart,” a Colombian thriller series streaming on Netflix, was directed by Venezuelan. The series debuted worldwide on Netflix in April 2022. Valeria (Margarita Muoz) and Simón (Michel Brown) are a loving couple who have just celebrated their annual celebration. With two happy kids, their lives appear fantastic.

Then, mysteriously, the tyre on their car leaked. They skidded past an oncoming vehicle and crashed into a tree. The men in the truck arrive to aid Simón, who is unresponsive. But all they do is capture Valeria and start driving. One of the men, Mariachi (Moisés Arizmendi), calls somebody and says, “we have a giver.”

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3. Criminal (2019) on Netflix

IMDb Rating: 7.6/10

“Criminal” is a four-part Netflix web series about a police procedural TV series. It’s based in four countries. There is little denying that the police procedural desperately needs a reboot. And now it’s arrived, thanks to George Kay and Jim Field Smith, the producers of Criminal (Netflix).

These three self-contained episodes of a gang television series, each of which emphasises a suspect’s inquiry, were written and directed by the former. The camera turns between the interrogation room and the cops observing through the one-way window. And frequently into the hallway beyond – but never outside the police department.

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4.Heartstopper (2022) on Netflix

IMDb Rating: 8.7/10

Heartstopper can be described as a British come-of-age romance Web Series on Netflix based on the webcomic.

The new film Heartstopper on Netflix is also a step toward today’s world where you are surrounded by allies fighting for your cause. Brothers and sisters who are understanding and a family who accepts you, and where there is love, love.

Heartstopper tells the tale of Charlie (Joe Locke), a student at school whose sexuality is well-known to everyone. Since the world isn’t ideal like Schitt’s Creek, Charlie has to contend with some bullying at school. Charlie’s life changes when the boy he’s destined to be with encounters Nick (Kit Connor) the year he is his senior in school.

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5. The Lincoln Lawyer (2022) on Netflix

IMDb Rating: 7.7/10

“The Lincoln Lawyer” is a legal drama web series recently released on Netflix. The main character is a lawyer called Mickey Haller, who solves the cases of clients who are entangled in minor or personal legal issues. However, his moral compass always stops him from assisting those who are not his clients. Up to the year 2019, seven novels from the series have been released.

The web-based show The novel of the same title initially inspires The Lincoln Lawyer. And the series also includes personal stories from the life of Mickey Haller from different books to allow his character to be portrayed with a strong voice. Other stories in the series are featured that don’t directly connect to Mickey’s life. Still, they add to the length of the story.

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Last Words

So, these are IMDb’s Highest Rated Web Series which are available on Netflix in Hindi Dubbed. If you want more about the list, comment below, and we’ll bring you something crazy to watch.

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